State Attorney General Sues Snowplow, Lawn Management Company for ‘Illegal Commercial Code’

North Tonawanda, New York (WIVB) — The New York Attorney General’s Office is suing a local snow removal and lawn maintenance company for taking money from consumers and failing to do what they promised.

State attorneys focused on Buffalo Lawn and Snow owner Glenn Ingersoll. Ingersoll used to live and work at Gateway Center in North Tonawanda. The Attorney General’s Office is now suing the company for collecting money from consumers and failing to provide services.

State prosecutors allege that the company engaged in deceptive, fraudulent and illegal commercial practices. The company, which was in DePuy under the name Ingersoll Lawn Care and Snowplowing, recently changed its name to Buffalo Lawn and Snow and established its headquarters in North Tonawanda, according to a lawsuit filed in state court.

The AG’s office said it has heard from many people who have requested refunds but have not received them.

News 4 has heard from the Better Business Bureau that the company has also received a number of complaints.

“We have 10 unanswered complaints in our system and we published them for a reason so that other people can verify that information before deciding to hire a particular company,” the BBB said. spokesperson Kat Schmieder said.

The Attorney General’s Office issued a subpoena to Buffalo Loan & Snow seeking more information about the company’s practices, according to the lawsuit filed against the company. They asked the judge to give Buffalo Lawn and Snow and Ingersoll Loan Care a full report on all consumers who did not receive service and the companies did not respond to subpoenas. asking to be forced.

The Office of the Auditor is seeking compensation for the consumer. News 4 made repeated attempts to reach out to Buffalo Lawn & Snow for a response, but received no response.

Two months ago, News 4 reported on another snowplow company that admitted to taking money from people and not providing services.

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