Staffing Challenges in Ambulatory Surgical Centers in New Jersey

New Jersey Ambulatory Surgical Center Association

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A recent survey by the New Jersey Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (NJAASC) reveals that 84% of Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) in New Jersey are struggling to recruit staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic became. NJAASC surveyed 108 ASCs representing 18 of the state’s 21 counties in Q4 2022.

The 2022 Salary and Benefits Report also reveals some of the benefits ASC is offering its employees as part of its efforts to recruit and retain staff in the post-pandemic environment.

  • Nearly 64% of ASCs report providing flexible work shifts for their staff.
  • Over 35% of respondents say they use a “travel agency” (an outsourced staffing agency that provides staffing for a minimum of three months in a specific role) to fill vacancies .
  • More than one-fifth of ASCs use “agency staff” (temporary workers covering one shift or day) to meet their immediate staffing needs.
  • Nearly 89% of ASCs say they are allowing staff to work from home. Positions may include patient scheduling, billing, and administrative work.

“Big resignations have been one factor in staffing shortages at ASCs in New Jersey and across the country. But the healthcare industry as a whole is grappling with a shortage of qualified medical professionals,” said the NJAASC, which conducted the study. Joan McKibben, Board Member and Chair of the Benchmarking Committee of . “As a result, ASCs, like other points of care within the healthcare ecosystem, must compete for top talent.”

To that end, ASC in New Jersey offers many general benefits to ASC staff to attract and retain employees. Of the 108 centers that responded to the NJAASC survey, the most popular perks offered to his ASC staff in 2022 are:

  • Paid Time Off – 104 Center
  • Paid Time Off – 104 Center
  • Health Insurance – 101 Center
  • 401k Plan Offered – 94 Centers

“Our research shows that ASCs in New Jersey are actually actively competing for the best providers and staff by offering competitive benefit packages, flexible schedules and workplace placements. “We are emphasizing that we are here,” said NJAASC President Meg Stagliano. “In addition, ASC as a workplace offers other benefits that will appeal to potential employees, including weekend and holiday leave, flexible and predictable working hours, and emergency call availability. You don’t need it, etc. All of these can contribute to a healthy work life. Balance.”

NJAASC is an incorporated non-profit organization founded in 1992 by the owners of ambulatory surgery centers. Its membership currently consists of approximately 200 ambulatory surgery centers and 50 vendors and associate members.

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