Staff attend special needs proms.Food sales help school

Across California, CDCR staff and incarcerated people help people with special needs ranging from attending proms to funding high school programs.

CIW Attends Special Needs Prom

The California Institute of Women (CIW) staff were invited by Crossroads Church to their annual Special Needs Prom. The theme of the fairy tale night was enjoyed by her 300 people with special needs. That night, a CDCR volunteer was paired with someone from the community with special needs. Evening activities included photography, food, dancing and karaoke.

Submitted by Lieutenant William Newborg

North Kern Food Marketing Benefit School Program

On April 17, officials at North Karne State Penitentiary presented a check to the Media Arts Program at McFarland High School. A total of $7,400 was raised through food sales by the inmates.

“If we can help one child reach his or her full potential and keep him off the streets and the prison system, we feel we have won,” Warden Hickson said. When you visit Farland’s Unified School District, you will see that the school board, superintendent, principal and teachers are passionate and motivated about how to improve the lives of the students enrolled in the district.”

Hickson said CDCR staff look forward to seeing students benefit from the donation.

“The Media Arts Center is one of the many career and technical education opportunities available at McFarland High School. I’m looking forward to seeing if it makes a positive impact,” Hickson said.

Posted by Joseph Lopez, Community Resource Manager

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