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WTVA’s Bronson Woodruff outlines some medical career paths for those without a college degree.

CORINTH, MI (WTVA) — It’s possible to work in the medical field without a college degree.

However, workers are required to obtain training and possibly certification.

Two career paths you can choose from without necessarily needing a college degree are clinical laboratory technologist and certified nurse.

Qualifications appear to be similar for the two positions.

“I’m taking care of patients, giving them medicines, giving IVs,” said Makaira Simmons of the Magnolia Regional Health Center in Corinth.

Simmons holds an LPN, or Licensed Practical Nurse.

LPN’S provides primary care directly to patients under the supervision of physicians and certified nurses.

She has been doing that job for almost five years. Simmons said the reason was personal, she said.

“I’ve been hospitalized many times and just wanted to be able to get into the medical world and be able to provide care that I could have received throughout my hospital stay,” Simmons explained.

Those wishing to become an LPN must participate in the LPN program in order to do so. This program can be found at many colleges in Mississippi.

One of the criteria for that program is submitting a diploma or GED verification.

Simmons said he was educated at Northeast Community College in Booneville.

Lab Director Heather Rose looking into a microscope.

Lab Director Heather Rose can be seen at work.

“Experimental science is a great opportunity for anyone wanting a career in medicine,” said Lab Director Heather Rose.

People can work to become clinical laboratory technologists. Their main job involves taking medical samples such as blood and urine from patients for testing.

Lab director Heather Rose says a common route to this job is through associate degree programs available at colleges and universities around Mississippi, but only a high school diploma and practical and specialized knowledge are required. It also explains that it is possible to enroll in training.

She will then submit her certificate to the Mississippi Board of Nursing, Rose said.

“At that point, with that degree, you’ll have the opportunity to work in hospitals, clinics, and other laboratories across the state and even across the country,” Rose said.

Rose spoke about how important medical laboratory technicians are.

“If you don’t give them the right test results, high-quality test results, you can’t make the right diagnosis. If you don’t get the right diagnosis, you can’t give the right treatment,” Rose said.

Healthcare recruiter Penny McDonald encourages anyone interested to get in touch.

“If you are interested in any of these positions, please visit our website,” McDonald said.

Visit the Magnolia Community Health Center website.

You can also email McDonald’s directly at

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