Should we put our hopes in hell and the Illinois Attorney General?

aAs a Christian, I should pray and trust in God’s mercy for the conversion of every soul. But when I read about Father Thomas Francis Kelly, I find myself expecting hell to be much hotter than I ever imagined.

The Catholic Church entrusted Kelly with the priesthood, bishops entrusted him with their parishes, and parents entrusted their children with him. Kelly abused that trust, abused his priesthood, abused over 15 boys, and died in 1990.

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Grief is not enough here. Mercy seems undeserved. Anger and a thirst for justice seem more correct.

Similarly, Catholics today should view many government prosecutors as persecutors, from the U.S. Department of Justice to local district attorneys. Certainly the Democratic State Attorney General is no friend of Catholics.

But because of the church’s historic failure to protect children and its decision to instead protect its own priests who raped and abused children, all conscientious Catholics should urge the Church to I have no choice but to thank some prosecutors for their investigation.

Kwame Raul, Joseph McMahon

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raul.

(AP Photo/Noreen Nasir, File)

Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raul on Tuesday released a new report on sexual abuse by priests and monks in the state. Facts and numbers are scary. Back in 1950, the Attorney General’s office found that 450 priests were reliably accused of sexual abuse. As has happened in other dioceses around the world, the dioceses were unable to unlock or punish some abusers and moved them to new locations where they committed looting of boys and girls. continued.

It was not until the 1990s that the Archdiocese of Chicago began to seriously investigate and respond to allegations of priest abuse. Instead of calling the police or cooperating in prosecuting cretins, the norm in mid-century American parishes was to deal with abuse internally, often with wrist pats and requests for medical attention. rice field.

Still, the American church did not correct its ways. Here’s what I wrote a few years ago:

Theodore McCarrick was the Archbishop and Cardinal of Washington when I received my first communion and confirmation as an adult in 2004. In fact, he signed my confirmation. It was by his authority that I was allowed to become a Catholic.

Back in 2004, the church scandal was already front page news. Priests who abused their power, sexually assaulted and raped boys and girls were protected by the bishop of the church. Cardinal McCarrick was one of the spokespeople and apologized to the church and explained how we had fixed the ship. I believed in the apology of the church leaders and their determination not to commit this sin again.

I don’t think I should have.

Even as of 2018, the church appeared to be limping, leaving McCarrick’s successor, Cardinal Donald Verl, in place for months. During his time running the Pittsburgh Diocese, he took care of at least one pedophile priest.

Christ called all of us, especially priests and bishops, to imitate Christ the Good Shepherd. The bishop even has a staff called a crozier, reminiscent of a shepherd’s crook.

No wonder wolves invade churches. Sex offenders have sought positions of authority in public schools, Hollywood, healthcare, sports, and everywhere else in the world. But the bishops, who had a divine mission to protect the sheep, protected wolves instead. It’s a higher level of evil.

I predict the next few decades will be a real testing year for Christianity in America. The government will persecute the church. But on days like today, when the Church’s past failures are so exposed, we must rejoice that the Illinois Attorney General was willing to do what the Church failed to do. it won’t work.

And also, Catholics pray that Jesus will lead all souls to heaven, but when I think of these priests, I can’t help but want them to be burned in hell.

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