Shelter pleads to locate purebred research animal whose condition ‘frightens’ owner

It is rare to find a purebred Labrador Retriever in a shelter. It’s even rarer to find a gorgeous lab puppy like Coco. This sweetheart has been with the Galveston Humane Society since July 2022, but has been in the care of a wonderful foster home since October. Yet he deserves a loving home to call himself.

We first met Coco in a heartwarming TikTok video in which one of the shelter’s caretakers, @katrinaross_, explains why this feisty pup has yet to be adopted. Although he has a medical condition that “scares” potential adoptives, the reality is that he only needs one lifestyle adjustment to live a happy and healthy life.

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Coco looks like a very happy puppy! As he begins to sit in his chair, he can’t contain his excitement over dog food and we love to watch it. Katrina said in the video that Coco is “easy to care for” and is just like any other dog except she eats in a special chair to treat a giant esophagus. we believe in it.

Commenter @chattychiqua1221 wrote, “He just needs to sit down and eat for digestion.” “Humans are the same.” It’s true! Considering Coco’s routine is to sit down and eat before dinner, that seems like a no-brainer for most pet parents. And obviously Coco already knows how to use a chair.

@Pledge.of.allegience.gsd had a great question “Are chairs provided by adoption?” It certainly is! The shelter confirmed that Coco’s chair can go anywhere, so new owners of this dog have nothing to worry about.

And speaking of owners, this precious Labrador puppy may already have one. A quick search on his website for the Galveston Humane Society brings up many traces of Koko. Let’s keep quiet that Coco is on his way home with someone who loves him as much as we do.

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