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by Derek Wiley Leavenworth Times

Mila Seaton could only watch Bassehoe-Lynnwood lose to Valley Center in overtime at the 2022 Class 5A State Championship last spring.

“People really want to get out there, so it was really hard to sit there and watch everything,” Seaton said. “That’s what makes this season so exciting for me, and having the experience of sitting there motivates me. It’s not fun.”

Seaton, who has returned from a knee injury that ended his entire junior season, is focused on returning to the state tournament in Wichita and leading the Bobcats to their first state title since 2010.

Basejo-Lynnwood finished the 2023 regular season with an 18-2 record and will enter next week’s 5A regional tournament as the No. 1 seed in the East.

“This year is our year,” Seton said. “We have the players we need, we have the coaching staff, we have everything we need to be on the same page. Having been in a position, we should want it more.”

Seton was in his sophomore year when the Bobcats lost to Bishop Carroll in the 2021 state championship game. 386 with 6 doubles, 6 triples and 29 points before being named to the All-UKC First Team.

During his sophomore and junior softball seasons, Seton attended Wichita State University.

“Everything felt like home and I knew I belonged here,” said Seton, who signed with Wichita State in November.

“It was perfect. The coaches are great. I just love the whole thing.”

Seaton’s future lies in softball, but he has also played high-level club volleyball since the age of seven and was named to the All-Conference First Team during his junior year at Bassehall-Lynnwood College.

“I’m very energetic, aggressive and competitive, so my personality will shine even more in softball,” Seton said. “It was just my real passion. Softball makes me feel more like myself.”

After attending Wichita State University, Seaton continued to play club volleyball with the Topeka Impact.

“I just couldn’t give up,” Seton said. “For me, it was normal to go back and forth all the time. Sometimes it got in the way and I had to choose one (sport). You have to go to ball tournaments, which were a lot at times.”

Seaton tore the anterior cruciate ligament, the middle cruciate ligament and the meniscus in his left knee while playing Topeka Impact volleyball at a tournament in Wichita last March.

“I was trying to pull and cut to pass from the outside. My whole body turned, but my knees got tired,” Seaton recalled. “This was the worst pain I have ever experienced. My pain tolerance is very high.”

Three weeks after surgery, Seton was hitting a softball from the tee.

“If you don’t put pressure on yourself, you’ll be fine,” Seaton said. “I was trying to get back early. .”

Seaton began fielding and pitching in mid-August. On October 22, she made a surprise return to the Basejor Lynnwood volleyball team in the Territorial Tournament.

“Strictly speaking, I shouldn’t have done that,” said Seton, who formally got permission the following Tuesday. “It’s just a personal choice at this point.”

The following weekend, Seaton was playing softball on a select fastpitch in a tournament in Arizona.

“It’s very nerve-wracking to come back from an injury because you want to pick up where you left off and show people that you’re as good as you were before, because when you come back from an injury people question it,” Seaton said. Said. “The culture that Select has is amazing.

Seaton and Bassehoe-Lynnwood opened the 2023 season at home to Leavenworth on March 28.

“I was very nervous in the box, but I told myself I knew what I had to do,” Seaton said. “You’ve been in this position a million times before. It’s nothing like it was before you got hurt. It always makes me feel better when I take a deep breath and look at my teammates.”

Seaton hit the first pitch over the midfield fence for a solo home run.

“I couldn’t stop smiling,” Seaton said. “I’m glad you came back.”

After starting the season 5-0, the Bobcats were swept 3-2, 4-2 at home by Silver Lake on April 6, suffering their first regular-season loss since 2021.

“That loss hurt because they weren’t better than us,” Seton said of Silverlake. “It’s because we didn’t do what we were supposed to do in the first place. It just came out flat. We didn’t do what we were supposed to do personally.”

“We are playing against lower level teams and we are good and we have had good results so far so we cannot think we can beat them all. They’re a good team, we didn’t take our business seriously.”

After losing to Silverlake, Basejor-Lynnwood finished the regular season with a 13-game winning streak.

Seaton has a .424 batting average, five homers, two triples, three doubles, 15 RBIs, and 24 RBIs in 20 games this season.

“We are very lucky to be friends outside of softball, which helps a lot in the game,” Seton said. “We are very close outside of softball, so we want to do good things for each other, so we keep each other motivated.”

No. 1-seeded Bassehoe-Lynnwood will face an undecided opponent for a spot in the state tournament next week at Wilkins Stadium at Seton’s future home, Wichita State University, on May 25 and 26. host regional tournaments.

“We’re going to play at our level no matter who we play against,” Seaton said. “You have to win every inning. Beat them. Play better than them. Whatever it is. You have to stay focused from start to finish. I am confident that I can compete with the team.”

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