Senate Bill 239 Passes Congress To Legalize “Medical Assistance In Death”

The Nevada State Capitol can be seen through the trees in Carson City.

The Nevada legislature has passed a bill legalizing the use of life-ending drugs by terminally ill patients.

Senate Bill 239 limits the prescribing of end-of-life drugs to mentally capable adults who have been diagnosed with terminal illness by two physicians and who are expected to live no more than six months. The drug is self-administered in tablet form.

The bill passed Congress on Wednesday by a vote of 23 to 19. The bill passed the Senate 11-10 on April 19, but not a single Republican supported the bill, and several Democrats in both chambers opposed it.

What’s next for SB 239

SB 239 is now at the desk of Gov. Joe Lombardo, who will have five days to veto and sign the bill before it automatically becomes law.

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