SECNAV del Toro Names New Class of Medical Vessels After Bethesda Medical Center

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This post has been updated with additional information regarding the Bethesda class (EMS-1).

Secretary of the Navy Carlos del Toro announced Friday that the Navy’s new model expeditionary medical vessel will be named after a military medical center in Maryland.

Future USNS Bethesda (EMS-1) will be the first in a new class of expeditionary medical vessels.

Bethesda Named after the Bethesda Naval Support Operations, home to naval and military medical facilities, including the Walter Reed National Military Hospital.

“Bethesda is named after a world-class curative medical center that has served countless military personnel since 1942,” Del Toro said in a statement. “This ship pays tribute to the medical staff who compassionately devoted their time and expertise to the care of our service members. increase.”

The new expeditionary medical vessel is part of a transformation of naval medicine that looks to the future of warfare. USNI News previously reported that Naval Medicine will issue its first operational orders in 2023.

The operational order’s focus will likely be adjustments for future combat in the Western Pacific, which will require naval medicine to overcome vast differences. Over the past two decades, countries like Afghanistan have placed more emphasis on land-based care, as the distance between combat facilities and care centers was much closer.

The expeditionary medical vessel is designed for distributed maritime operations, according to a Navy statement.

The new Bethesda-class is based on the Spearhead-class (T-EPF-1) aluminum shallow-draft rapid transport vessel built by the Mobile, Alabama shipyard. Bethesda Formerly designated EPF-17.

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Bethesdas provides hospital-level care with three operating rooms and laboratories. Onboard medical personnel will be able to provide critical care, diagnostic radiology, primary care, dental care, mental health services and obstetric/gynecological care.

These ships are also built to accommodate multiple casualties and are equipped with the ability to stabilize patients on board.

The ship is also intended to be fast, sailing at up to 30 knots and maintaining a speed of 18 knots for over 5,000 nautical miles, making it faster than the current hospital ship USNS. comfortable (T-AH-20) or USNS mercy (T-AH-19).

“This first-in-class ship is state-of-the-art and will be the Navy’s first medical vessel in 35 years,” Del Toro said in a video for Mental Health Month. “The ship is designed for faster and more direct access to diagnostic, specialty and hospital care, enabling increased capacity and medical care.” Just as it has served as a beacon of hope to those who set foot, USNS Bethesda (EMS-1) will be a landmark for those in need around the world. ”

Naval Medicine named another type of expedition ship in February. USNS Cody (EPF-14) is the first Spearhead-class EPF Flight Bethesda, Cody It will be able to navigate in shallow water. It will also be able to offer limited intensive care, in addition to other medical facilities.

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