Scottish grandmother who waited over five years for hip surgery canceled last minute

After waiting for over five years for a hip replacement, my grandmother was suddenly canceled. Joan Brown was scheduled to be held at knifepoint at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary last Monday morning.

The 60-year-old has constant pain in both hips and right knee and has to take morphine tablets twice a day. Her reservation was finally arranged after her family highlighted her long wait in Sunday mail.

However, the hospital called four days before the operation to tell her they had concerns about her morphine intake and wanted to reduce it before proceeding with the operation. Joanne said she had no such concerns when she went to her pre-surgery consultation in February and April.

And campaigners say this highlights the bigger problem of surgeries being canceled amid Scotland’s long NHS waiting list. A mother of six from Parkhead, Glasgow, said: I got a call from the hospital Thursday afternoon saying that the surgery had been canceled and that it was because of the medication.

“But I don’t believe them. Why leave it so late? They knew what drugs I was on from the beginning. I will.”

Glasgow Royal Infirmary – HNS Greater Glasgow and Clyde(Image: Tony Nicoletti’s Daily Record)

Joan was first referred to a hip specialist for surgery by her doctor in December 2017, but was given a date last month. After the surgery was canceled on May 11, Joan began cutting back on her morphine intake.

But no one at the hospital told her how much to reduce or how long it would last, nor could she give her a new date for the surgery. For the past three years, Joan has barely left the house and her son Scott has had to quit her job to become her full-time caregiver. She needs help with dressing, washing and cooking every day and has fallen down the stairs at her home several times.

Scottish Labor Party’s Jackie Bailey said: “With one in seven people on the waiting list and hard working NHS workers under extreme pressure, wait times are still too long and people like Ms Brown are It’s no surprise that people are left to suffer,” he said. Cabinet Health Minister Michael Matheson needs to act quickly. “

Activist Sean Clarkin, who covered Joan’s case, said: “The sudden cancellation of Joan Brown’s hip replacement surgery after waiting over five years is cruel and unacceptable. It has greatly disappointed this woman who is now 60 years old, homebound and in a wheelchair.”

MSP Jackie Bailey(Image: Lennox Herald)

The Sunday Mail first reported in January that Joanne had been waiting for surgery for five years. Following our intervention, authorities have announced that her first surgery on her left hip will take place on May 15th.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said “all patients will participate in a pre-operative evaluation to confirm their suitability for future surgery”. If they are not deemed appropriate at this time, surgery should be postponed.

“We know this will be a disappointing outcome, but ensuring the safety of our patients while they receive care from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is our priority.”

“We will continue to work closely with the NHS Board to maximize capacity and reduce the time people wait for appointments and treatment,” the Scottish Government said.

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