San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria Tour of General Atomics Fusion Facility

Gloria was also attended by representatives of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. Tour the DIII-D National Fusion Facility and GA’s Inertial Fusion Manufacturing Laboratory

San Diego, May 9 – San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria visits General Atomics (GA) to tour the DIII-D National Fusion Facility and GA’s Inertial Fusion Laboratory. Mayor Gloria was also joined by representatives from the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation. During the visit, the delegation learned about the important role the San Diego area plays in the development of fusion as an energy source.

“GA is a globally recognized leader in advancing fusion science, research and technology, and we are delighted to show Mayor Gloria how we are helping shape a clean energy future. was.” Dr. Ananta Krishnan, Senior Vice President, Energy Group said:

Fusion is committed to providing nearly unlimited clean, safe and always available energy. Fueled primarily by hydrogen isotopes found in seawater, fusion energy facilities capable of producing their own fuel during operation will produce sustainable energy without producing harmful emissions or long-lived waste. provide time.

California spends approximately $750 million to $1 billion annually on fusion research and development, including research in national laboratories, private sector innovation in commercial fields, and academic programs at the world’s leading universities. It has been. Future developments in fusion science and technology may significantly increase the amount of fusion-related investment in the region.

Home of the largest magnetic fusion machine in the United States, San Diego has the potential to revolutionize clean energy with fusion technology. play an important role in the progress of Mayor Todd Gloria said.

“For decades, General Atomics has been an integral part of San Diego’s innovation ecosystem. , we need to be committed to supporting corporate influence and the workforce.We were delighted to meet Mayor Gloria today to learn more about GA’s role in advancing this ultimate source of clean energy. rice field.” San Diego Area EDC President and CEO Mark Cafferty said:

DIII-D National Fusion Facility

Mayor Gloria’s visit began at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility. DIII-D is an Office of Science user facility operated by General Atomics for the U.S. Department of Energy with a mission to pioneer the science and innovative technologies that enable the development of fusion as an energy source. is responsible for

“DIII-D is the largest magnetic fusion research facility in the United States and one of the most flexible of its kind in the world. have the ability to Dr. Richard Butterley, director of the DIII-D National Fusion Facility, said: “As the global fusion community seeks to realize a fusion energy pilot plant, these capabilities will enable the U.S. fusion program to reach its goals in the fastest, most cost-effective, and most collaborative way possible.” guaranteed to do so.”

At the heart of the DIII-D facility is a tokamak that uses powerful electromagnets to form and confine plasma. To achieve the fusion conditions relevant to energy production, the DIII-D plasma must be heated to temperatures above 100 million degrees Celsius (about 10 times the temperature at the center of the Sun). Under such a very high temperature and enormous pressure generated by electromagnets, hydrogen isotopes fuse to form helium and release energy.

During the tour, the delegation observed a 100 million degree plasma discharge from the control room and got a close look at the DIII-D tokamak and its unique measurement and diagnostic tools. The delegation learned about some of the recent renovations at DIII-D and plans for future renovations to ensure the facility remains optimally positioned to serve the scientific community.

Mayor Gloria and Dr. Butterley observe plasma shots with Dr. Andreas Wingen (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) in the control room of the DIII-D National Fusion Facility
Mayor Gloria and Dr. Buttery observe plasma shots with Dr. Andreas Wingen (Oak Ridge)
National Institute) DIII-D National Fusion Facility Control Room

Institute of Inertial Fusion Technology

After the DIII-D visit, Mayor Gloria toured GA’s Inertial Confinement Fusion (ICF) Laboratory, and discussed GA’s participation in science-based stockpile management programs and the breakthroughs achieved at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I learned about the contribution to nuclear fusion ignition. (LLNL) Last December.

During the LLNL experiment, 2.05 megajoules (MJ) of energy was delivered to the target assembly, producing a fusion energy output of 3.15 MJ. Target components used in historical experiments were fabricated and characterized at GA and provided to LLNL for experimentation.

General Atomics is a longtime partner of the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) in ICF research. This research aims to create a safe, reliable, and effective nuclear deterrent by creating thermonuclear combustion conditions in a laboratory without conducting underground experiments. In addition to being an important milestone for NNSA’s mission, this result has positive implications for the commercialization of fusion energy using ICF technology, called inertial fusion energy (IFE).

Mayor Gloria holding the Holraum target assembly used in the ICF experiment.
Mayor Gloria holding the Holraum target assembly used in the ICF experiment.

Accelerating towards a fusion energy pilot plant

In a separate effort, GA recently announced a fully integrated fusion pilot plant (FPP) concept utilizing a steady-state compact advanced tokamak design. Utilizing a steady-state approach, the GA FPP sustains the plasma for longer periods of time, maximizing efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of your facility.

“GA’s fusion research program was first established in San Diego in the 1950s. With our comprehensive portfolio of fusion technologies, services and capabilities, we believe we can lead the way to practical fusion energy. I am proud.” Wayne Solomon, Vice President, Magnetic Fusion Energy, said: “The successful design, planning and construction of the world’s first FPP will demonstrate the revolutionary potential of nuclear fusion.”

About General Atomics: Since the dawn of the atomic age, General Atomics innovations have advanced the state of the art across all areas of science and technology, from nuclear energy and defense to medicine and high performance computing. With a talented global team of scientists, engineers and professionals, GA’s unique experience and capabilities provide safe, sustainable, economical and innovative solutions to meet growing global demand I keep doing it.

About the DIII-D National Fusion Facility. DIII-D is the largest magnetic fusion research facility in the United States and has made many pioneering contributions to the advancement of fusion energy science. DIII-D continues its work towards practical fusion energy with significant research conducted in collaboration with his 600+ scientists representing over 100 institutions around the world. As a US Department of Energy Office of Science user facility, participation in DIII-D research is open to all interested parties. For more information, please visit

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