Russell Wilson underwent surgery for a knee injury.prepare for the season

Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson is ready for organized team action after undergoing knee surgery after the 2022 campaign and expected to go all out for the regular season It has been.

per NFL network Ian RapoportWilson underwent an arthroscopy on his right knee “to correct a problem that had plagued him for several seasons.”

Rapoport noted that the 34-year-old has already resumed training and pitching after minor surgery.

There was no indication that Wilson was restricted due to problems last season. He was not listed on the injury report due to a knee injury.

One area of ​​Wilson’s game that has changed in the last few years is how much he runs around when plays fall apart.

In November, ESPN’s Bill Barnwell noted that Wilson was averaging nearly 28 yards per game in the 2020 Scramble. Did.

“Likewise, when Wilson was on the move, he was not a very effective passer,” Barnwell wrote. “NFL Next Gen Stats considers a throw occurs when a quarterback passes the ball while traveling more than 8 mph. In 2020, Wilson’s EPA per play on those passes is: We were 11th best in the league, and last season that mark dropped to 27th, but this season we are 24th.”

Over the last two seasons, Wilson has rushed for 460 total yards on 98 attempts in 29 games. He averaged 500.7 yards rushing yards per season from his 2012 to his 2020 record.

It’s fair to assume that as Wilson got older, he ran less. became the seventh-oldest starting quarterback in the NBA.

Given Wilson’s age, it’s unrealistic to expect him to return to being the same runner he was early in his career. If the arthroscopic surgery improves his mobility, the Broncos will have a big win heading into his 2023.

Denver has invested a lot in Wilson becoming the quarterback to get the franchise back into the playoffs. After a turbulent last season as he struggled, new head coach Sean Payton has restored optimism to the Broncos.

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