Royal Surrey’s robotic surgery team sets new record

  • By Natalie Edel
  • BBC news

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Surgeon Matthew Perry said the operation involved incredible planning and a “wonderful” team.

Surgical teams performed a record number of robot-assisted prostatectomies in a single day, according to hospital groups.

The Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust announced Saturday that 12 men with prostate cancer underwent radical prostatectomy.

The company said the feat was made possible by developing a “safe but efficient” method that maximizes the number of such procedures that can be performed.

Consulting surgeon Wissam Abu Chedid said there was no need to rush the procedure.

The trust said in February that the same team of experts had completed nine procedures in one day, a first in the UK and the equivalent of a week’s worth of patients.

Five surgeons and four surgical teams operated in three operating rooms at Guildford Hospital on Saturday.

Dr Chedid said in a tweet that he had cut the waiting list by 25% in one day.

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One of the patients who benefited was David Letter, 68, of Winchester, Hampshire.

He was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer after visiting his family doctor for tests to measure the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in his blood.

“It’s scary to hear that you have cancer, but the speed with which I was treated for it was amazing,” he said.

“It’s a lot of fun to participate in something extraordinary.”

Urology consultant and urology clinical director Matthew Perry said it involved an “incredible” plan and a “great team.”

Dr Chedid added, “In one day, the waiting list has been significantly reduced, and 12 men who were looking forward to surgery are now getting the care they need.”

“There was no rush and the surgery itself took the same amount of time.

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