Ron DeSantis stopped treating Trump as silent

Ron DeSantis have spent months on the receiving end of broadside barrages from donald trumpSpiteful nicknames, legal challenges, and gloomy innuendos about his personal life — all the credible tactics Trump used to beat his former Republican rival. With the legal crisis at stake, the governor of Florida appears to be launching its own offensive to try to exploit Trump’s vulnerabilities.

talk Piers Morgan— in an interview conducted in part new york post DeSantis has filmed Trump’s chaotic leadership, his addiction to social media, and laughed off the nickname the former president seemed to have decided for him. Means “sacred”. “I like it,” DeSantis said of the designation in question, “Ron DeSanctimonious.” Because that’s what we were able to do in Florida, putting a lot of points on the board and really taking this state to the next level.”

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Of course, these “victories” grew into attacks on decency, truth, and the most marginalized people in his state. But they raised his national profile and made him Trump’s closest rival for the Republican nomination.DeSantis is not officially in the campaign. Trump remains in first place despite his third straight victory. However, in an interview Thursday, the governor appeared to outline his pitch: I’m like Trump, but not all posts. DeSantis told Morgan, “It’s not important to me to fight people on social media. I’m not accomplishing anything for the people I represent.”

“I don’t think the way we run our government is an everyday drama,” he added.

The Trump show, meanwhile, may be about to reach its most dramatic point yet. Stormy Daniels Another investigation into the handling of classified documents could soon lead to prosecution.But the legal crisis has only seemed to bring Trump and his party closer together, with Republicans rallying around him so far and some, including a Florida congressman. Matt Gatescall to DeSantis stand on the witness stand on behalf of his fellow Floridians.

DeSantis, who has shown little interest in doing so, followed party line Monday when he denounced Trump investigator Manhattan District Attorney. Alvin Bragg— to pursue a “political agenda” that could indict the former president. At the same time, the governor went out of his way to explicitly mention the crime Mr. Bragg is investigating.

Such a barb might flirt with a Republican who likes Trump’s far-right policies but personally dislikes them. But staying loyal to Trump, it’s hard to see how they’ll be received by Republican supporters who may be inclined to agree with him that DeSantis is a lackluster weirdo. .

Still, DeSantis’ offensive could lead some of Trump’s other challengers to adopt a more aggressive approach of their own. Politico Suggested Wednesday. And when it comes to getting close to criticizing the former president, it won’t take long, given their current slyness. “I think they want a fresh start and a new direction, so we’re very vocal about that.”

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