Rockies rumored to be former World Series-winning general manager

The Colorado Rockies may soon hire more front office staff, according to a report by Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

According to the article, Colorado may hire former Kansas City Royals chairman Dayton Moore “for a high-ranking position, but because ownership is believed to favor Bill Schmidt.” I probably wouldn’t hire him as general manager.” Heyman said Moore didn’t know the Rockies were interested.

Moore was somewhat unexpectedly fired last fall when relatively new Royals owner John Sherman gave Moore a sack. Moore is one of the rare small business owners to win the World Series. The 56-year-old landed a job in Kansas City in 2006 and led the Royals from years of basement life to the Fall Classic twice.

The slow rebuilding took nearly a decade, and Moore’s subsequent attempts failed. Despite two years of astonishing success, the team finished fifth or fourth in the AL Central 11 in his 17 years at the helm, first in 2015 when KC won the World Series. stood at the top of the district.

Moore proved his talent as a scout, with current Rockies Mike Mustakas, former Rockies Wade Davis, Greg Holland and Drew Boutella, as well as All-Stars Lorenzo Caine, Alex Gordon, Salvador Perez and Whit Merrifield. I discovered a talent in the Royals.

Schmidt took over as Rockies general manager from Jeff Bridich midway through the 2021 season, taking the role full-time in the fall.

Bridich hopes to emulate some of what the Royals have done in building their championship roster, which is why so many KC players have traveled down Interstate 70 to Denver. The question is whether it did. Earlier this year, however, owner Dick Montfort made it clear that he was highly critical of the way the Royals operate.

“(Tanking) worked for the Cubs,” Montfort said at the time. “I mean, I think the Cubs really did it. If[the Royals]are rebuilding, this will be their eighth year, and our fans are coming to games and saying they can’t have eight years. I don’t think so.”

Off the field, Moore has taken a strong stance on porn, requiring the Royals’ minor leaguers to attend seminars that support his beliefs. Moore has been vocal about his own Christian faith, something that several Rockies officials have publicly shared.

Moore is currently an advisor to the Texas Rangers, who just swept the Rockies last weekend.


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