Robots at Royal Papworth Hospital Perform Thoracic Surgery

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Hospital says robots will improve treatment and speed patient recovery

A state-of-the-art surgical robot will be installed at the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge.

Versius technology mimics the joints of a human arm, but with up to four times the rotation of a human wrist.

It is used in thoracic surgery involving the lungs and thoracic cavity.

The device should make surgery less invasive, improve outcomes and reduce patient recovery time, the hospital said.

Hospital staff have undergone a full training program and the first treatments are expected to begin this spring.

The technology is a partnership between Royal Papworth and Cambridge-based company CMR Surgical.

The robot is smaller and more portable than previous examples, so it can be used in different theaters and different specialties, including transplantation.

“Our vision is to provide today’s patients with tomorrow’s care.

“Purchasing this Versius robot does just that and represents a significant investment in patient care.”

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer, CMR Surgical, said:

We look forward to working with Royal Papworth to bring the benefits of this technology to as many patients as possible. “

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