Robert Roode undergoes second spinal fusion surgery in Birmingham

Robert Roode

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Things could be a little more wonderful for WWE superstars Robert Roode right now.

In late 2022, Robert Roode underwent spinal fusion surgery in Birmingham, with hopes of a future return to the ring.

However, Ruud recently shared the news on his Instagram page that he underwent a second back fixation and was successful. Despite this situation, The Glorious One remains positive and upbeat with the following message:

“One more trip around the sun, another trip to Birmingham, Alabama. I had lumbar fusion surgery and most importantly it was a success thanks to Dr. Andy Cordover himself and the top notch staff here at @andrews_sports_medicine who have supported me throughout this process. Thanks @deneane__17 This has been a rough year to say the least *Red Heart Emoji* Road to Recovery Part 2!

Ruud has not competed since June 2022.

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On behalf of everyone here at Wrestlezone, I wish Robert Roode a safe and speedy recovery.

The story of Robert Roode undergoing a second spinal fusion surgery in Birmingham first appeared in Wrestlezone.

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