Red Wagon Cafe owner says rising food costs have led to its next closure

Bidor, Texas — The owner of a famous cafe in Bidor said he had no choice about the fate of his restaurant because of the high cost of food.

Sherry Mills, owner of Red Wagon Cafe. It’s been 15 years since he fed the community, and the restaurant’s lifespan is coming to an end.

In a Facebook post, Mills announced that Red Wagon will be closing on Sunday, April 2, 2023. Mills believes the last day at her restaurant will be a rough one for her.

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“I’m going to be overwhelmed when I get here and start pulling everything out of here,” Mills said. It’s been 15 years.”

Soaring food prices forced Mills to close the doors of Red Wagon.

“A year ago, eggs were $17 a case,” says Mills. “Now it’s $80 a case.”

She lost a customer when the owner tried to raise prices due to rising food costs.

“If I make a profit and raise the price, people aren’t going to pay for it. I won’t pay for it,” Mills said.

Despite this issue, there are still a few loyal customers who continue to walk through Red Wagon’s doors.

“They’re trying to find the cheapest thing on the menu right now and are still supporting us,” Mills said.

Lauren Bebeau is the creator of SETX Foodies. She feels that rising food costs, staffing shortages, and supply-her-chain issues are some of the many challenges facing restaurants in the region.

“Inflation. That means restaurants have to increase the prices on their menus,” Bebeau said.

Bebeau believes it’s all about putting yourself out there for area restaurants looking to weather this period of high prices.

“If you don’t do any marketing and just rely on signage outside your building, you’re not going to succeed,” says Bebeau.

Although Red Wagon is no longer in business, Mills is grateful to have served the Vidor family for 15 years.

“We were able to eat many meals for free,” said Mills. “We’ve done some good things. We’ve done some good things.

Mills hopes the new restaurant will take over the building left by Red Wagon. She plans to return to driving trucks.

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