Providing affordable housing for new healthcare workers

For $50 a night, a furnished temporary apartment near the hospital awaits

The new housing program aims to address Campbell River’s shortage of medical professionals by providing low-cost temporary accommodation and a friendly welcome.

The city announced Friday that fully furnished apartments near hospitals will be available for $50 a night on a first-come, first-served basis for one week to three months. Utilities, water, Wi-Fi and weekly cleaning are included.

Healthcare workers will also receive a welcome package packed with products and services from local businesses.

This temporary program applies to attending physicians and other essential health care workers.

Campbell River, like the island and other parts of British Columbia, is struggling to attract enough medical professionals.

“One of the biggest barriers we face when trying to secure clinic doctors to come to Campbell River is access to affordable housing,” said the Campbell River and District Family Practice Department. Operations Coordinator Sadie Mack said.

This new initiative grew out of discussions between city officials and Dr. Jordyn Vanderveen of the Campbell River Area Family Practice Division and Dr. Sol Gregory of the Campbell River Association of Medical Staff Engagement Initiatives.

By demonstrating his dedication to supporting local doctors and the need for time off, McKee said he intends to show how much they are valued.

It is hoped that this will increase the chances of new doctors coming to Campbell River to help existing doctors, she said. This ensures that “patients receive the best possible care”.

Deputy Mayor Susan Sinot said short-term Lokham housing is a statewide issue.

“Short-term rentals are often not available during busy seasons, resulting in work locations being left empty,” she said.

“This gap increases waiting times and reduces the care available in hospitals and clinics.”

Sinnot is optimistic that working with local health authorities will solve the problem and strengthen medical care.

The city hopes that more medical professionals will be able to come to Campbell River if revenue from the rental service is returned to the program.

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