Prosperous Alabama Aims to Open Multi-Million Dollar Medical Facility

Huntsville, Alabama (WHNT) — Alabama is overcoming a doctor shortage and people are facing disparities in healthcare services. However, one non-profit organization is trying to help change this situation.

At the Huntsville City Council on Thursday, Slive Alabama told city council members about plans to create a medical services center that would provide a variety of medical services.

Thrive Alabama’s goal is to build a healthy community. The nonprofit aims to expand its services with a new multi-million dollar facility.

Mary Elizabeth Marr of Thrive Alabama highlighted the growing need for medical services in Huntsville.

This non-profit has discussed the many medical disparities facing people in northern Alabama. This includes difficulty finding doctors and lack of available medical opportunities.

Huntsville is the fastest growing city in the state, so the organization said Rocket City needs additional medical services in the area.

Ma said the new facility will be able to offer a range of services to people of all backgrounds in one building.

“We will build a health center with adult medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, vision screening, a pharmacy, and a 72,000-square-foot health center for the entire population,” Ma said.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $33 million, Ma said. At a conference on Thursday, she said the organization has already raised $2 million in funding. But starting construction on the facility would require a total of $8 million, so she asked for the city’s help.

Huntsville resident Lakonta Jackson said Rocket City welcomed the addition of the medical center because of the growing need for medical services.

“Additional medical facilities will provide more medical services to people in Alabama and address concerns about not being able to get medical care or medical services readily available when they need them,” Jackson said News. told 19.

With that need in mind, Mary Elizabeth Marr said the new center will work to expand access to healthcare for people throughout northern Alabama.

“Anyone in need of healthcare can come to Thrive Alabama and see something for everyone in need of healthcare, under one roof in one building.” Mr Ma said.

Thrive Alabama has already secured land for a medical facility on the corner of Oakwood Avenue and Washington Street. The group says it will move ahead with construction once the $8 million start-up costs are met.

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