Prosecution: FBI sting operation video shows Hopkins doctor sharing personal medical records to help Russia

baltimorevideo played for the jury Prosecutors say Anna Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins University, was seen opening a laptop in her hotel room to access confidential patient medical files for a foreign government.

Gabrielian shows the woman he believes in Russian operative You can see everything on the screen, including names, medical conditions, phone numbers, and addresses.

The Russian operative was actually an undercover FBI agent who recorded the encounter with a hidden camera.

This was one of five meetings the doctor had with agents after he used his work email account to contact the Russian embassy several months ago and asked how they could help Russia in its war with Ukraine. was one time.

This is the body of the email written in Russian. “My husband and I are both doctors. I am an anesthesiologist. He works in the intensive care unit. ”

Gabrilian’s husband, a doctor, was also in the same hotel room.

Army Major Dr. Jamie Lee Henry was nearing the end of his active duty and trying to access patient medical records on his computer, but was plagued with technical problems. Federal prosecutors said he then turned over a notebook containing the patient’s medical information to the staff.

The U.S. government claims the couple were trying to show Russians their enthusiasm for supporting their cause. The defendants, on the other hand, allege that undercover agents tricked them into a trap when they only wanted to provide humanitarian assistance.

The video shown to the jury at the federal trial lasted about five hours and is crucial to the government’s case.

“My loyalty is still to my country, and it’s a very deep loyalty that cannot be taken away,” Gabrielian told FBI agents in an interview. The representative said he understood Gabrielian was referring to Russia. The doctor, a naturalized citizen, moved with his parents to Maryland when he was eight years old.

“I have always loved Russia, but I will not lay down my life for any country, including the United States,” he told his representative.

He said the US was “too cowardly to declare war on Russia” and was “hiding behind Ukraine”.

Henry mocked the Ukrainian president, calling him a “comedian” and questioned, “Why can’t Europe stand up to the United States?”

Henry also spoke of the vulnerability of the U.S. military, asking agents, “Is there anyone at Fort Detrick?” He was referring to a strategic army facility at Frederick. “That’s going to be important as to what capabilities the U.S. is building up.”

In another part of the videotaped meeting, the wife realized she was being taped, expressed concern that it was “horribly rigged”, and told an undercover investigator, “If I go to jail for stupid things, Children will suffer,” he said.

“I didn’t want to be,” Gabrilian said in the video. Another Anna Chapman“Suspected Russian spy exposed by US in 2010.

Lawyers for the doctors believe the government’s sting operation went too far and effectively ensnared the defendants. They say their clients had no intention of compromising national security and merely provided medical records because they feared the Russian government when they offered their help.

In a previous statement, Johns Hopkins University said it was cooperating with the federal investigation.

The trial is due to end next week.

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