Proposed SNAP Food Assistance Cuts Hit Michigan Families

A showdown over nutrition assistance for American families erupts in Washington, D.C. Congressional Republicans slash Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs, also known as food stamps (SNAP), to avoid raising the cap on how much Americans can borrow. is proposing to pay the bill.

As food system advocates, we know that local economies struggle when people can’t afford to feed their families. But more importantly, starving people is a moral choice. A study by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities found that one in four Michigans could be at risk of losing their SNAP benefits if the proposed SNAP restrictions were approved.

Let me be clear: this plan is not only a bad choice, but cruel partisan politics at its worst. With food prices reaching all-time highs and a pandemic food aid expansion recently expiring, making it difficult for lawmakers to eat should be avoided at all costs. The idea of ​​enforcing unnecessary work restrictions in order to qualify for SNAP benefits, both in Detroit and in rural northern Michigan, reflects how food assistance programs actually work in our communities. It shows a fundamental misunderstanding among legislators about

Amanda Brezel

One of the misconceptions about SNAP is that more people are participating in the program in urban communities, when in fact rural communities are more likely to participate in SNAP. Rural residents are already disadvantaged in accessing food due to additional barriers such as lack of transport and limited purchasing options. But models exist that serve the needs of rural areas and families. It includes a “10 cents a meal” initiative that delivers fresh food from local farms to schools, early childhood and education settings and other facilities participating in the USDA Child Nutrition Program.

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