Priority Publication Recommendation: General Services Administration

What GAO found

In June 2022, GAO identified five priority recommendations for the General Services Administration (GSA). Since then, GSA has (1) evaluated the prospectus process for leasing and capital projects, (2) communicated the results of the evaluation to GSA’s Authorization Committee, and (3) completed a needs assessment, gap analysis, and I have implemented 3 of the recommendations. An analysis of leasing and construction alternatives to inform the Department of Homeland Security’s Metropolitan Real Estate Strategy.

In April 2023, GAO identified four additional priority recommendations for GSA, bringing the total to six. These recommendations fall into three categories:

  • Federal Real Estate Management,
  • Federal Personal Property Administration, and
  • Information Privacy.

The GSA’s continued attention to these issues could lead to significant improvements in government operations.

Why GAO Conducted This Survey

Priority publication recommendations are GAO recommendations that warrant priority attention from heads of major departments or institutions because their implementation could result in significant cost savings. Improve parliamentary and/or executive branch decision-making on key issues. Eliminate mismanagement, fraud and abuse. You can also ensure that the program complies with the law, that funds are spent legally, and that you receive other benefits. Since 2015, GAO has sent letters to selected institutions to emphasize the importance of implementing such recommendations.

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