Precision for Medicine Wins 2023 CRO Leadership Awards in Each Category

CRO Leadership Award recognizes companies judged to exceed customer expectations

Bethesda, Maryland, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Precision for Medicine, the first biomarker-driven clinical research organization (CRO), has announced that it has been widely recognized at the 2023 CRO Leadership Awards. The company has been awarded in all five of his categories of Competence, Compatibility, Expertise, Quality and Reliability, demonstrating outstanding performance in the CRO industry.

Most notably, Precision for Medicine won awards in the overall, large pharma and small pharma categories. In addition, the company has won prestigious Champion Awards in the categories of Competence, Compatibility, Expertise, Quality and Reliability within the Large Pharmaceutical Group and Reliability in the General and Small Pharmaceutical sector.

“Our team at Precision for Medicine has always been dedicated to client quality and supporting the patient experience. The CRO Leadership Award is yet another proof that the results of our efforts are aligned with our intentions.” It is a thing.” Sophia Baig, President of Clinical Solutions, Precision for Medicine. “When choosing the right CRO partner, clinical innovators cannot make decisions based on assumptions of our capabilities. “As the last hope for their future, these awards are a recognition of our experience.” But more importantly, our clients have acknowledged their trust in Precision to deliver real, measurable results for their innovations.”

The CRO Leadership Awards recognize top CRO partners determined by feedback from sponsor companies that outsource clinical trials. Survey participants are asked to rate companies they have worked for in the last 18 months. Her top-performing CRO, who outperforms the weighted average by more than one standard deviation in each core category, is called the champion. Participant responses are analyzed across three dimensions: large pharmaceutical companies, small pharmaceutical companies, and overall. Clinical Leader, Life Science Leader, and ISR Reports present the award.

About medical precision
Precision for Medicine is the first biomarker-driven clinical research services organization to support life sciences companies in using essential biomarkers to more accurately and effectively target patient care. Precision applies a novel biomarker approach to clinical research that integrates clinical trial design and execution with deep scientific knowledge, laboratory expertise and advanced data science. This convergence of clinical trials, laboratories and data science is facilitating faster clinical development and approval. Precision for Medicine is part of his Precision Medicine group of 3,200 employees in 40 locations around the world. North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit

About the ISR report:
For more information on the research behind the ISR report and the CRO Leadership Awards, please visit

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