Popular food truck Detroit 75 Kitchen plans to open physical store

The Detroit 75 Kitchen is known for drawing hungry customers from all over to the gas station in southwestern Detroit where its food trailer is parked.

The family-owned brand has now announced plans to expand to a second store in Troy. The next Detroit 75 kitchen will be built at the former Sears Auto Center in his 14 miles of Troy near the Oakland Mall. Co-owner and chef Mike Nassar, who runs the restaurant with his brother Ahmad Nassar, announced the news on Instagram on Thursday.

Detroit 75 Kitchen is a food trailer located in W. Fort near southwestern Detroit.

“It will be a full-service Detroit 75 kitchen, exactly what you would expect when you come to Southwest Detroit,” the chef said in the video. He said he was looking for a place that needed food and could feed people, similar to its original location on Fort Street, adding that the Sears building had been vacant for too long.

“We are looking for undervalued areas and underserved communities. We are not looking for sparkling diamonds.”

More updates will be coming later this summer.

Detroit Philadelphia of Detroit 75 Kitchen food truck.

The Nassar brothers opened Detroit 75 Kitchen in 2014. Since then, their sandwich-centric menu has garnered local and national praise from various outlets, and he is considered one of his trucks for the best food in Detroit and across the United States.

Popular menu items include pressed sandwiches such as Third Street Cheesesteak, Atwater Chicken, and Fisher Fries. Fish sold on Fridays. Choose from wild-caught catfish or Lake Erie walleye.

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