Pine View Medical Clinic Receives F Rating from BBB

Krebcool, Missouri — Pineview Medical Clinic, which has extensively promoted its erectile dysfunction treatment and has been featured on Show Me St. Louis, has been given an F rating by the BBB for a worrying pattern of complaints. giving.

Like millions of men of a certain age, George Dingis visited Pine View Medical Clinic in search of a little more energy in his steps.

“I saw their ad and they said they were doing all the great things. People get younger and younger,” George Dingis said.

Dingis spent more than $4,400 on her first visit and returned to Pine View a second time for her first and only treatment.

“I went in for treatment and they took me back to the back room. A guy put a vibrator on me for a while. I think it lasted about 10 minutes and that was it,” Dingis said. .

5 On Your Side asked if they had actually seen a doctor.

“If there was a doctor there, I didn’t know it,” Dingis said.

It wasn’t until Dingis told her doctor about her treatment that the red flags began to appear.

“He said it was garbage. Nothing will happen,” Dingis said.

Dinges called Pineview later that day and asked for a refund.

“Only if you have a doctor’s note. We need a letter from the doctor. I responded and gave them what they wanted. That’s the last I heard from them.” said Dingis.

This is what Sarah Wetzel of the Better Business Bureau has heard from many Pine View patients.

Sarah Wetzel said, “Pine View Medical is currently receiving an F rating from the Better Business Bureau due to complaints we have received, including heavy-handed sales tactics, inconsistent advertising, and customer satisfaction. It’s the customers who don’t,” he said. to solve something ”

When 5 On Your Side reached out to Pine View, a spokesperson confirmed that the site had had issues in the past and said new management was working to fix it. did not specify exactly what it meant.

“Every time we see something like this, we want to remind consumers to be careful when doing business with this company,” Wetzel said.

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