Phil Mickelson tastes his own medicine hours after Twitter feud with top golf analyst, golf world reacts ‘what a clown’

In addition to his mesmerizing performances, Phil Mickelson is widely known for his verbal battles with the golf fraternity. Mickelson’s words were always bold when it came to defending the league, and golfers never held back. So what happens when you associate with someone who has similar traits?

Former and current golfers golf channel Analyst Blundell Chambry, Since 2018, he has been in an altercation with a golfer. But now their relationship seems to have come to an end.

Just days after Brooks Koepka won the PGA Championship, the two had a heated exchange with one another. But their story is now coming to an end!


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Blundell Chamblee takes drastic action online against Phil Mickelson on social media

It all started in 2016 when he got into an altercation with a golf analyst. David Duvall discusses Mickelson and Tiger Woods’ contribution to Team USA in the 2016 Ryder Cup. At the time, Lefty paid no heed to the comments. And in 2018, the former PGA player said he thought his commentator career “didn’t like Chambry.”slander others. ”

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Since then, the two have had many feuds with each other. The two have called out to each other on various occasions. In 2022, Chambry said golfers have been bought since joining LIV Golf. He also called for the veteran golfer to be removed from the World Golf Hall of Fame.

In a recent scenario, the two feuded online when Keopka’s swing coach Claude Harmon III called a commentator a bad guy. “Paid Actor” And the six-time major champion backed the statement. After Koepka’s coach’s statement, Chambry posted a lengthy tweet, blaming LIV Golf and expressing his feelings about the situation.

The 60-year-old former golfer invited Mickelson to a live show, “Benefits of playing under a scary midfielder” Phil Mickelson then posted a snippet saying Chamblee blocked him.

Snippets of the two’s recent altercation were shared on the popular Golf Twitter page. nacla golf.

A post on this page attracted many fans to share their thoughts on the fallout.

Fans react to Chamblee and Mickelson’s Twitter war

Many fans posted many comments on this post. Let’s see what they say.

Many fans lashed out at Blundell Chamblee and posted many comments against him.

Many fans came out to support Lefty and praised him.

Many fans shared how they were blocked by Mickelson and Chamblee. Mickelson is also very notorious for growing his Twitter blocklist.


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One fan said the whole thing was just plain ridiculous.


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What do you think about Chamblee blocking Phil Mickelson on Twitter? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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