Pennsylvania Food Policy Council

Pennsylvania Food Policy Council

The Pennsylvania Food Policy Council, established in December 2022 by Executive Order 2022-05, is a key policy initiative of the Shapiro administration. Tasked with evaluating and promoting solutions to problems facing Pennsylvania’s food system, the council will improve food and nutrition security, public health, environmental sustainability and stewardship, and the local food economy. and develop and implement strategies to reduce food waste.

Food is a basic human right. The Pennsylvania Food Policy Council grew out of the federal continued efforts to strengthen the food system. It is also a direct response to calls from food system leaders across the state to deepen collaboration and influence on critical food system challenges affecting Pennsylvania residents, communities and businesses. .

The Council coordinates interagency and stakeholder group leaders around the communications and actions needed to support a healthy, equitable, sustainable, and equitable food system for all Pennsylvanians. Together, these efforts support food sovereignty, defined as the right of Pennsylvanians to healthy, culturally-appropriate food that is ecologically sound and sustainably produced, and their own food and agricultural systems. It is intended to help define residents’ rights.

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