Penn State Medical College Celebrates Class of 2023

HERSHEY, Pennsylvania — On May 13, 259 Pennsylvania State Medical College students and their loved ones gathered for a graduation ceremony at Hershey Lodge.

Levon Esters, Dean and Vice President for Graduate Education, Pennsylvania State University, delivered a speech to the graduates at the graduation ceremony. Kevin Black, M.D., Interim Dean of the School of Medicine. Keynote speaker and medical graduate Ara Stanford, MD. Stanford University is a national leader in health equity, a health policy advisor, and most recently served as the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“As our graduates look back on their time at university, we want them to know that our medical faculty and staff are honored to be part of their professional base,” said Professor Black. rice field. “They are the future and I am sure we will hear about their successes and accomplishments in the years to come.”

The 2023 graduates included 148 medical students, 83 graduate students, and 28 students in the Physician Assistant Program.

Introduce graduates

Ashna Doonmoon, Doctor of Philosophy – Biomedical Science

Noor Kaumi, MD

Joshua Killick, Physician Assistant Research Master

Natasha Soud, MD.Master of Education

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