Paxton Announces Investigation into Dell Children’s Medical Center for Performing Potentially Illegal Sex Change Procedure

Attorney General Paxton has announced an investigation into Dell Children’s Medical Center to reveal whether “sex reassignment” procedures were illegally performed on minor children.

Attorney General Paxton said, “It is alarmingly common for extremist activists to use their positions in the medical and healthcare fields to coerce experimental and life-changing procedures on children.” has doctors and medical professionals who seem willing to sacrifice the long-term health of America’s children to contribute to an epidemic of increasingly dangerous “transgender” extremism. It is unsettling and Texas does not have a location.In line with these policies, there have been many recent reports of potential misconduct at Dell Children’s Medical Center, and this investigation is intended to uncover the truth. is. ”

Attorney General Paxton has issued a Request for Investigation (“RTE”) to Dell Children’s Medical Center seeking a response regarding the alleged activities. RTE is trying to determine whether state law has been violated or misrepresented to parents or patients.

Attorney General Paxton is free to protect Texas children and hold accountable those who provide misleading information in conducting potentially illegal proceedings against minors. I will continue to use whatever privileges are available to me.

Click here to read the RTE.

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