Padres: “Drew Pomerantz to undergo surgery; updates on Manny Machado, Luis Campusano & more”

Left-handed reliever Drew Pomerantz underwent arthroscopic surgery on his pitching elbow on Tuesday.

Padres manager Bob Melvin said he believed the surgery was to remove a bone spur. Pomeranz was in discomfort while trying to recover from flexor tendon surgery in August 2021.

“Hopefully this removes the hurdle for him to come back and get healthy,” Melvin said. “…I know his goal, and our goal is the same, is for him to throw for us this year.”

No schedule has been given for a possible return, but Pomeranz is believed to be on the mound at some point later in the summer. He was one of the best relievers in baseball when he was healthy, but he hasn’t done much better in the three-plus seasons since signing a four-year, $34 million deal with the Padres. Pomeranz threw 1/3 of 44 innings from the start of the 2020 season until it closed in 2021, recording a 1.62 ERA.

Further Injury Updates

  • third baseman Manny MachadoHe, who is on the disabled list with a broken left hand, hit his first ground ball on Wednesday and progressed to a soft toss in the cage. He’s entitled to rest from IL Friday, but that seems unlikely since he hasn’t pitched in action yet.
  • Nabil Chrismat (waist) and left-handed Adrian Molejon (Elbow) is scheduled to return on Friday during his respective rehab period. Both pitched on Tuesday, with Chrismat making his third appearance at Triple-A El Paso and Morejon making his first appearance at Low-A Lake Elsinore.
  • There is no official schedule for catchers yet. Luis CampusnoThe return of Surgically repaired left thumb remains splinted. He is throwing but not catching. The initial forecast was to be out until at least mid-July.

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