Owner evades food patrol, denies restaurant breach

Mission, Texas (Valley Central) — Food Patrol is back in action this week to show you where the dangers are. Ke Rico and Ke Asko!

This week, surprise the staff at Delia’s Tamales at 4800 S. 23rd St. in McAllen.

Known as “Tamale Specialists,” Delia’s Tamales also specializes in keeping your kitchen clean and your food delicious.

An inspection on May 24 showed zero violations, earning him the top performer spot.

Merelyn Luna, who has worked at the restaurant for eight years, told Food Patrol she was “thrilled” and “happy with her employees” to win top performer.

Enrique Ortega has been with Delia’s for five years. He set his record straight by claiming Delia’s tamales were the best.

The 956 stands its ground despite claims other cities outside the Rio Grande Valley are the best.

Employees and customers love the food, the family and now the stickers on the front door.

that is Querrico!

now Ke Asko time!

The Food Patrol stopped at Don Lupe’s Grill at 7208 West of Highway 83 in the Mission.

Inspection reports on April 4 and 5 found up to 15 violations on the first day.

Initial inspections said the kitchen was missing food labels, dates, thermometers and trash can lids, and the unused refrigerator contained cockroaches.

A second inspection on April 5 found 14 violations.

According to the laboratory report, the cockroaches in the refrigerator had disappeared by the second day, but there were no other major changes.

Don Lupe’s Grill owner Melissa Garcia went out with the flu and called food patrol.

“We fixed it, so it’s fine,” the owner insisted. “You want to go back next week when I feel better, and since everything’s fixed, you want to go see if you can do it.”

A food patrol, confident in her cleanliness, showed up at her restaurant an hour before closing time a week later.

An employee told Food Patrol that the owner left early but called because he couldn’t make it.

“If I go out for 20 to 30 minutes and you’re not there, I’m out, I have things to do and I’m not going to wait for an interview,” the owner told Food Patrol by phone. phone.

CBS 4 Chief Investigator Derrick Garcia interviewed the owner and claimed he left almost an hour before closing time.

“And?” the owner replied.

In the end she wouldn’t let us in the kitchen.

You too are part of the Food Patrol! If you come across any dirty habits, please send us a photo/video and a copy of the complaint you filed with your local health department. news@KVEO.COM

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