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Ear pinning pictures.Do you avoid pulling your hair back or keeping your hair short because you don’t want to draw attention to your ears? Consider ear pins if the size, shape or look of your ears doesn’t suit you It may be time. Anyone with fully grown ears (usually she is over the age of 5) can have otoplasty.

What is ear pinning or otoplasty?

This cosmetic ear surgery changes the shape, position and size of a person’s ears. Otoplasty adjusts the angle of the ears closer to the head to minimize the appearance of large or uneven ears and make them less noticeable.
Common Reasons to Choose Ear Pins:

  • ear shape
  • Uneven ears
  • ear position

Increased self-confidence improves a person’s overall outlook on life. Patients who are anxious about the appearance of their ears will feel more confident after undergoing the ear pinning procedure.

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At Bronson Orthopedic Specialist, our team of experts will work with you to give you the desired ear shape and appearance you’ve been looking for. If you or a loved one are considering ear pinning treatment, please call (269) 372-3000 or complete the form to schedule a consultation with a Bronson Cosmetic Surgery Specialist.

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