OSF St. James Medical Center Appoints New Director

Derrick Frazier of FACHE was appointed Director of OSF Healthcare St. James John W. Albrecht Medical Center effective June 19.

In his new role, Mr. Frazier will lead OSF St. James in coordination with the overall OSF healthcare strategy. He will direct the internal operations of OSF St. James and will be responsible for ensuring that high-quality, cost-effective and safe medical care is consistently delivered.

He most recently served as CEO of Morehouse General Hospital in Bastrop, Louisiana. Prior to that, he was CEO of Homer Memorial Hospital in Homer, Louisiana. Frazier holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Savannah State University in Georgia. He holds a master’s degree in health services administration from Armstrong State University.

Frazier will succeed Brad Solberg, who retired in March. Liz Davidson (DNP, RN) is interim president of OSF St. James. She will continue to serve as Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer of OSF St. James.

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