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A newly formalized partnership between Illinois State University and OSF Healthcare will foster research, innovation, and economic development throughout Illinois. The Connected Communities Initiative (CCI) program brings together clinicians, faculty researchers, and students to focus on innovation in clinical and patient education, healthcare engineering, data science, and cybersecurity.

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Signing of OSF Healthcare Agreement with Illinois State University. (Clockwise from top left: Craig C. McLauchlan, Vice President for Research and Graduate Research, Illinois; John Vozenilek, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, OSF Innovation and Digital Health; Robert Sehring, MD, CEO of OSF HealthCare; and Robert Sehring, Illinois) State Interim President Aondover Tarur.

The program is the formalization of a partnership between these two anchor institutions in Bloomington-Normal and the broader OSF healthcare system. Illinois and OSF Healthcare are major hub members of the Illinois Innovation Network (IIN).

Collaborative work on the Connected Communities initiative has the potential to create intellectual property that the two institutions can share and advance IIN’s mission to advance comprehensive and integrated research, innovation, and economic development across the state. I’m here.

The agreement also saw the two organizations each contribute $500,000 to contribute a total of $1 million annually to the research and development of strategic solutions to improve healthcare delivery, patient and provider experiences. provide a financial base for

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OSF HealthCare CEO Robert Sehring

OSF HealthCare CEO Bob Sehring said: “This partnership with Illinois State University will leverage the strengths of our faculty and students, and we want to recruit and retain cybersecurity professionals, health and simulation educators, informatics, data scientists, biomedical engineers, alumni, and more. Create a pipeline of talent: creative arts to assist in medical visualization in virtual, augmented and mixed reality, also in a long-standing clinical and educational partnership with ISU’s Mennonite College of Nursing based on.”

“Working with OSF Healthcare on the CCI program reflects Illinois’ core values ​​of collaboration, learning and scholarship, and civic engagement,” said Interim President of Illinois Aondover Tarhule. increase. “This partnership provides Illinois State University faculty and students with many opportunities to work with OSF partners on a wide range of innovative projects that address real-world needs. It’s a really exciting project with wide-ranging benefits for everyone.”

The partnership will initially build on Illinois expertise in education, health, cybersecurity, biomedical, visualization, and process improvement. Illinois State University has an opportunity to collaborate on a project with OSF Healthcare. Our faculty’s broad expertise and student body involvement lead to exciting new solutions to the complex problems facing society.

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Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Craig C. McLachlan

“There is a long tradition of partnerships between OSF and the state of Illinois. Perhaps the most obvious is our partnership with students in clinical practice and clinical settings,” said Craig C., Illinois’ vice president for research and graduate research. says Dr. McLauchlan. “CCI provides an institutional framework that allows us to expand our relationships in the research field and build on existing collaborations more easily. and to people in the community.”

OSF Healthcare and Illinois State University have a tradition of collaboration in research, including a recent project to improve low childhood vaccination rates.

Joint projects may include testing solutions in clinical spaces such as the OSF Healthcare St. Joseph Medical Center and clinics. The effort will run in a variety of settings, including the ISU Lab and Computer Center, along with the Jump Simulation & Education Center in Peoria, a world-class building with labs focused on advanced imaging and modeling, blockchain, and children’s education. virtual and face-to-face. Innovation, Genomics and Precision Medicine, Interprofessional Education, Neurohealth, STEAM.

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John Vozenilek, MD, Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, OSF Innovation and Digital Health

“For OSF Healthcare, our expanded partnership will support the needs of researchers, medical educators, clinicians, and most importantly, patients,” said OSF Vice President, Innovation and Digital Health and Chief Medical Officer. Dr. John Bozenirek, M.D., added: “The bright minds at Illinois State University are not only using data to optimize resource use, but also developing new solutions that enhance security and business processes to improve patient care and health. “This will become increasingly important as care continues to move from the hospital to the home and access to patients expands in all regions served by OSF,” Vozenilek said. added.

CCI builds on the successful model OSF Healthcare has developed and maintained with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Bradley University.

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