Origin of The Medicine Mission Walkthrough

Honkai Star Rail offers a variety of missions for different interests, from daily missions to adventure missions to companion missions. Natasha’s Companion Mission, Origin of medicineasks to investigate a drug created by Dr. Vachetwho happens to be Natasha’s brother.

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This article provides comprehensive tutorials and tips and tricks for successful missions. Additionally, we’ll delve into the rewards you’ll get for completing this exciting mission on the Honkai Star Rail.

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How to start drug origin

Natasha's clinic location

Certain tasks must be completed before embarking on this Natasha companion mission. prerequisite. These prerequisites include: trailblaze level 20 and completed Trial of Balance: Part 1After meeting these requirements, you will receive the following message: OlegBe sure to respond to his message to start Natasha’s companion mission. Origin of medicine.

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find and persuade patients

suspicious patient

Teleport destination Natasha’s Clinic Space Anchor of boulder town Talk to Natasha inside the clinic.From there, your first task is to speak to the first patient (depressed patient) Those who skipped follow-up visits. He is standing outside the Fight Club building. Now I need to talk to the second patient (elderly patients), A follow-up visit was also missed. After talking to her, you should finally talk to her third patient. (suspicious patient)also skipped follow-up visits.

Return to Natasha’s clinic and report to her about the mysterious potion. She then requests to speak with two of her patients who have been affected by her medication. Proceed to each to learn more about the drug before speaking with Natasha again.

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Confront the drug peddler

association president

go to rivet town Go to drug dealers. When you arrive, be prepared to face the 2 Vagrant and 2 Automaton Beetles guarding the Potion. Successfully complete the battle, then return to Natasha’s clinic for a final conversation to complete the mission. Once the mission is complete, Trailblaze EXP x350, Stellar Jade x60, Adventure Journal x6, Shield x200, Credits x20000 as a reward.

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