Oregon Licenses First Psilocybin Therapy Treatment Center

The Oregon Department of Health announced last week that it issued the first licenses for psilocybin treatment centers, opening up access to promising mental health treatments to adult patients statewide. Issued to EPIC Healing Eugene under the regulatory framework created by Measure 109, the 2020 ballot bill to legalize Healing, was passed with nearly 56% of the vote.

Angie Albee, Section Manager, Oregon Psilocybin Service (OPS), said: A statement from the Oregon Department of Health on Friday.

Psilocybin, the primary psychoactive compound found in ‘magic mushrooms’, has shown promise as a treatment for several serious mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse disorders. Research shows. Measure 109, also known as the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act, allows adults 21 and older to access psilocybin therapy at state-licensed treatment centers.

No Prescription Required for Psilocybin Therapy in Oregon

Under state regulatory approved treatment models, patients seeking psilocybin therapy do not require a prescription or referral from a healthcare provider. However, patients must complete a preparatory session with a licensed facilitator before administering psilocybin.

Patients who have completed the preparatory session and meet the criteria to proceed with treatment are allowed to participate in a psilocybin therapy administration session at a licensed service center. After the administration session, the patient can also participate in an optional integration session. This session will allow you to connect with community resources and peer networks for additional support.

Once licensed by the state, a psilocybin service center may hire or contract a licensed psilocybin treatment facilitator who is trained and licensed by the state to provide clients with psilocybin therapy preparation, administration, and integration sessions. can. Service centers are also permitted to sell psilocybin products that are manufactured by licensed manufacturers and tested for safety and purity by licensed laboratories.

Kathy Rosewell Jonas, clinical social worker and founder of the Eugene Psychedelic Integrative Center, also known as EPIC Healing Eugene, says psilocybin therapy can help patients cope with mental health problems in a meaningful and effective way. Said it helps.

“Besides witnessing my clients engage in deep interpersonal journeys within themselves, my own personal experience dealing with healing psychedelics has made me realize the challenges of opening a service center in Oregon. I was able to get through this,” Jonas said in a statement. Seattle Times“This is the first step and we will soon be working to make this life-changing treatment more accessible for people by creating scholarships and ways to sponsor the service for others.” .”

The Oregon Department of Health currently issues licenses for all four psilocybin therapy license types, including facilitator, testing lab, and manufacturer, in addition to psilocybin service centers. The agency says all four license types are issued but “it may take some time for licensees to start operating.” Details are available online.

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