“One of baseball’s greatest traditions”

of Houston Astros Yainer Diaz started at DH in the final game of the series against the Chicago White Sox. He found himself the No. 6 hitter on the line, and he did not disappoint.

He hit his first MLB home run off Lucas Jolito in the fourth inning. Diaz was then excited to celebrate with his teammates in the dugout, but he was snubbed. It wasn’t until he reached the end of the bench that the team gave him a well-deserved applause.

Silent treatment 🤐

It’s an old baseball tradition that the rookie hits the first home run. It’s always fun to see player reactions. Newcomers are always confused and someone is always on the sidelines to hold back their laughter.

This is what makes baseball its own world. No other sport deliberately tries to deceive newcomers more than baseball. Baseball is full of weird things, from pranks to giving a kid’s backpack to a rookie bullpen pitcher.

One fan tweeted, “One of baseball’s greatest traditions.”

Another fan tweeted, “It was so funny (laughs). I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

Houston Astros fans love the fun of this team. Even after an eventful season has begun, they still have time to live. It’s when teams become robots that fans start to worry.

@Astros Glad he keeps celebrating 🤣 Congratulations, Kidd!
@Astros Everyone on this team!i love how they are having fun
@Astros Congrats Yaina! I love you all! 🤘

Hopefully, this will be the first of many home runs from Diaz’s bat in the future. Signed by the Cleveland Guardians as an international free agent in 2016, it looks like he finally got his chance.

One Houston Astros player has been waived, while another is on the verge of returning.

San Francisco Giants v Houston Astros

The Houston Astros announced Friday that outfielder Michael Brantley will be waived indefinitely. He seemed to be getting closer to his comeback, but his shoulder was still not feeling well.

It’s a shame, but fans will be looking forward to Jose Altuve’s return. Altuve has been at IL since the start of the season with a broken thumb. He began his rehab duties at the Minor on May 12th. Houston fans flocked to Constellation Field to see Altuve don his Cowboys suit to Sugar Land.

We need Altuve to turn things around for this team. They are currently ranked #2 in the American League West. They are just four games behind the Texas Rangers, who lead the division.

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