Oklahoma Attorney General and Lawyers Clash Over Medical Marijuana Enforcement

Oklahoma Attorney General Gentner Drummond commented on the new law signed by Governor Kevin Stitt This is intended to help law enforcement combat illegal marijuana cultivation in the state.

“The illicit marijuana industry, swarming with Mexican cartels and Chinese crime syndicates, poses a serious threat to public safety, especially in rural communities,” Drummond said.

He added that the new law will provide the Attorney General’s Office and law enforcement partners with the necessary tools and powers to end these dangerous criminal activities, according to the Journal Record.

About Major: HB 2095 gives the Office of the Attorney General, the Oklahoma Department of Drugs and Dangerous Substances Control, and the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation more authority to implement and enforce the state’s medical marijuana regulations. It also allows the AG to conduct on-site inspections, seize and destroy illegal products, and enter into agreements with other state agencies to combat illegal marijuana growing businesses.

Additionally, the law extends the moratorium on new grow licenses through 2026 to give law enforcement more time to close illegal marijuana farms.

Meanwhile, lawyers in the medical marijuana business Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) recently announced the emergency closure of its business due to minor violations, including missing tags on some products.

lawyer Ronald Durbin Oklahoma News 4 reported trying to combat illegal marijuana sales while advocating for more opportunities for entrepreneurs. It’s innocent,” he said.

OMMA, which is committed to promoting public health and safety through good medical cannabis practices, responded that it issued emergency orders to only about 0.5% of licensed businesses for violating regulations. bottom.

Photo: Courtesy of Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

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