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Headlines celebrated both Nurses Week and Hospitals Week, making it a week of celebration. We also saw a Sterile Supply Manager whose professional and professional mission is to address safety and efficiency.

Additionally, readers learned about new initiatives aimed at reducing childhood suicide and how they can play a role in their success.

Check out this week’s throwback in case you missed something.

A certified nurse driven by a desire to learn and provide excellent care

Today marks the final day of Nurses Week, and Headlines kicked off the celebration by taking a closer look at some of the organization’s 1,450 certified nurses. Check out this story to find out why her colleagues have gone this extra mile to get certified in a particular field, and how their expertise makes this place a better place to work and heal. Please check whether

Have a happy hospital week!

The last few days are also commemorated as Hospital Week. This gave Michigan medical institutions an opportunity to thank the healthcare workers who keep our communities, patients and families healthy. The team also wanted to evaluate often-overlooked industry peers, such as Environmental Services and his PFANS. Click here for more information.

A colleague’s passion for aseptic processing is professional and personal

The role of the Central Sterilization Department is essential in building a safe, reliable and efficient healthcare system. At Michigan Medicine, one of the team’s managers, Jonathan Manuel, takes that mission personally. Learn about his amazing family history that drives him to improve his organization every day.

Study launches new child suicide prevention initiative

How many suicides are allowed? Nothing in Michigan Medicine. As such, Mott’s new initiative will help improve care delivery and training in suicide prevention and risk management through initiatives tailored to meet the unique needs of young people and families. Click through to see how you can contribute to this effort regardless of your role within the organization.

The Wrap employee podcast took a break this week, Please take a moment to check out the previous episodeincluding last week’s look at the ongoing Million Meals Mission aimed at combating food insecurity in Washtenaw County.

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