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Our nursing team is the backbone of providing world-class care. One of the many perks of working with the South Texas Veterans Health Care System is the customized nursing residency and training program.

Dedicated Education Unit (DEU), Clinical and Affiliated

DEU is a unique clinical teaching/learning model based on academic practice partnerships. There are currently four of her DEUs stationed in the Medical/Surgical Nursing Unit of the South Texas Veterans Health System (STVHCS). UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing has partnered with his STVHCS to bring this clinical learning model to her one clinical course, Adult I: Caring for Patients with Chronic Health Conditions. We plan to expand the course to other units.

Registered Nurses working in any of these DEUs will have the opportunity to attend the following events:To become a clinical teacher Workshop hosted by UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing. With this exciting opportunity for professional development as a clinical teacher, Staff RN has a unique role to mentor and mentor nursing students in partnership with her UT Health and her San Antonio School of Nursing. You can get

The STVHCS Nursing Education Department supports more than 200 clinical practice nursing students annually. Most of the clinical practicums are for nursing students at the UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing and the University of the Incarnate Word Ila Fay Miller School of Nursing and Health Professions. These students find that they have great learning opportunities and that the STVHCS staff are very friendly to them.

STVHCS offers a number of programs that support the progress of students in their education, training and licensure. Veteran Student Trainee Experience Programs/Student Nursing Technicians typically transition to postgraduate nursing technician positions after graduation and then transition to registered nurse practice with a license.

VA Student Trainee Experience Program (VA-STEP)

For more than 20 years, VA has provided BSN students with an exciting one-year clinical residency experience in grades 3-4. VA-STEP is designed to enhance participants’ critical thinking, clinical judgment, and clinical skills while caring for our nation’s veterans. This program offers learning opportunities such as educational or classroom experience and clinical practice with a qualified registered nurse (RN) preceptor.

Students accepted into this program must have completed the final semester or quarter of their third year in an accredited nursing bachelor’s degree program. Students take 400 hours of classes during the summer. This experience allows her to continue for no more than 800 hours part-time during her senior year.

student nurse

The Student Nurse Technician (SNT) is a competitive, paid program for academically and clinically outstanding BSN nursing students. The SNT program offers students the opportunity to work in a clinical setting and provide first-hand patient care. Nursing students provide a variety of nursing assistant-equivalent nursing services while serving our nation’s veterans under the supervision of qualified nursing personnel. This program offers a flexible schedule to suit your school commitments.

Graduate Nursing Technician (GNT)

GNT is a graduate nurse who has successfully completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree program at a CCNE or ACEN accredited nursing school and is pending licensing as a registered nurse. GNTs perform the roles, duties, patient care activities, and procedures of registered nurses under the supervision of a designated attending physician. GNT provides basic knowledge-based care to assigned patients while developing professional competencies. GNTs participate in an orientation program and are assigned a qualified preceptor to work closely with during a unit-based clinical orientation. After orientation on the roles and responsibilities of Registered Nurses and orientation on patient care service policies and procedures, GNTs function as staff nurses under the supervision of Registered Nurses. GNT will take and pass her RN Licensing Exam within 90 days of hiring and transfer to her RN position on staff.

Registered Nurse Practice Program (RNTPP)

The RNTTP program is a structured orientation designed to support new graduate RNs from beginner to advanced novice to competent professional nurses.

Nursing residents focus on developing and validating competencies in key entry-level areas such as the technical, professional development, and critical thinking skills necessary for safe practice. RN residents are introduced to the mission of Veterans Affairs, interact with medical team members, and gain knowledge of regulatory requirements relevant to clinical practice in acute care and outpatient settings.

The program is one year long and consists of monthly seminars, clinical experiences, simulations, mentors and mentoring. All experiences are focused on building the critical thinking skills nurses need to practice safe and competent care at the bedside.

Purpose of the program

  • patient-centered care
    Provide safe, compassionate, coordinated and patient-centered care within established staffing models for the patient populations served
    • Care to average patient quota (designated nurse to patient ratio)
    • Care/Severity of Patients in Need of Nursing Care Reflecting Average Unit Work
    • Recognize Your Limits and Seek Help Appropriately
  • teamwork and collaboration
    Work effectively between intra-nursing and interprofessional teams to promote open communication, mutual respect and shared decision-making to achieve quality patient care
  • evidence-based practice
    Strengthen critical thinking skills, leadership skills and professionalism with an evidence-based curriculum
  • Improved safety and quality
    Reduce the risk of harm to patients and healthcare workers through adherence to approved system processes, regulatory requirements and outcome data
  • information technology
    We use information and technology appropriately to communicate, manage knowledge, reduce errors and support decision-making.

nurse training program

The STVHCS Nurse Training (NPR) Program is a 12-month postgraduate training program consisting of three courses: geriatric and extended care, mental health, and primary care. This program expands your existing knowledge base and provides an opportunity to enhance your clinical skills as a geriatric, mental health, or primary care nurse.

The Nurse Practitioner Residency (NPR) program develops competent, confident, and ready-to-practice Nurse Practitioners (NPs) with the knowledge and skills to address the unique needs of veterans. It is designed to This program enables novice NPs to become confident and independent by expanding the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values ​​and norms relevant to NP practice in a variety of settings focused on veterans care. Prepare to function. The NPR program facilitates the socialization of the role of advanced practice professionals and fosters NPs’ commitment towards nationally specific expertise. The academic affiliate of the NPR training program is the University of Texas San Antonio School of Nursing Health Science Center.

Trainees spend 40 hours each week in clinical and educational learning activities, proficiency in the competencies specified in the population for NPR-specific programs. 20% of your time in NPR is devoted to didactic learning. Upon successful completion of training, trainees will have the opportunity to apply for jobs within the Veterans Health Care System nationwide.

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