Now You Know: Looking Back at 30 Years of Medicine

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Celebrating milestone, popular doctor retires — Dr. Bruce Rankin appears at his retirement party at DeLand’s Sanborn Center. A lot of time can be spent finding ways to prevent conditions or developing cures for diseases. Rankin is a pioneer in developing coronavirus vaccines for major companies such as Pfizer and Moderna.

about recent episodes beaconOn the Now You Know podcast for , Accel Clinical Research Director and Renowned Family Physician Bruce Rankin, Ph.D. beacon Staff writer Noah Hartz reflects on his 36-year career in medicine, his role in vaccine research, and his recent retirement from the medical profession.

Thanks to Rankin’s research and contributions to vaccine development for influenza, shingles and COVID-19, even those unfamiliar with Rankin may have been influenced by his research.

Rankin on being a doctor in a close-knit community like DeLand:
“I’m part of so many families, and I feel like there are hundreds of them that I know. When you come in and just say hello… this has been a great community for practicing medicine.”

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