Notice: Lake Hollingsworth Stormwater Treatment Rehabilitation Project

LAKELAND, FLORIDA (May 18, 2023) | The City of Lakeland will clean existing stormwater pollution at the intersection of Lake Hollingsworth Drive and Palmora Street using an innovative technology that enhances nutrient removal during stormwater discharge into Lake Hollingsworth. Start construction work to repair the prevention device (PCD). The City has obtained all necessary permits and intends to utilize the funds allocated for stormwater management and treatment within the Hollingsworth Lake Basin.

The project involves installing a 40′ x 12′ underground Biosorbent Activated Media (BAM) treatment unit that will be connected to an existing baffle box PCD. The Baffle Box PCD is designed to remove gross contaminants such as sediment, debris, and debris from stormwater streams, and the addition of a BAM unit removes soluble nutrient contaminants from stormwater prior to discharge into Lake Hollingsworth. is removed. Implementation of this project will strengthen the City’s ongoing efforts to reduce the pollutant load of stormwater entering Lake Hollingsworth. Hollingsworth Lake has a current state maximum daily total load mandated to reduce the nutrient load entering the lake.

The project is scheduled to begin on June 6, 2023 and is expected to be completed by public works construction and maintenance crews within a week of the construction start date. The Lake Hollingworth Drive and Palmora Street areas are home to construction equipment, and equipment and vehicles regularly move to and from the site while traversing the Lake Hollingworth Recreation Path. During the construction period, the city will restrict traffic on recreational paths as necessary to ensure the safety of residents. The estimated cost to complete this project is $57,000, and this funding will come through his 2023 Stormwater Business Capital Improvement Project Fund.


Kevin Cook
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