Northern Illinois Cancer Treatment Center Embarks on Fundraising Campaign for Newest Therapeutic Technology – Shaw Local

The Dixon-Northern Illinois Cancer Treatment Center has embarked on a multi-year fundraising effort that kicked off Monday with an open house at a location along Route 2.

Entitled “A New Hope for Tomorrow,” the campaign aims to raise $3 million by 2025 to help the center acquire cutting-edge treatment technology.

This center is dedicated to bringing advanced cancer care to Sauk Valley. It opened in 1989 as a joint non-profit effort of the CGH Medical Center and his KSB Hospital.

Sele Khatoum, a radiation oncologist, serves as the center’s physician.

Donations from this campaign will be used to upgrade the center’s radiotherapy system, enabling access to advanced treatment protocols.

This new system cuts treatment time in half. Average visit time is 10 minutes instead of 20 minutes. Safely deliver high doses of radiation to specific areas. It also gives radiation oncologists more flexibility in designing individual treatments.

Finally, it will expand the types of cancers that can be treated in Sauk Valley, eliminating the need for people with complex cancers to travel to other centers hours away.

To donate, visit

(From left to right); Mayor of Sterling Diana Mardian; Vice President of CGH Physician Services Shane Brown; NICTC Radiation Oncology Nurse Sarah Hadley;

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