No time to panic about Seahawks CB Tariq Ulen’s surgery yet

Seahawks cornerback Tarik Uren underwent knee surgery this week, reports say. But it’s not yet time for him to start worrying about injuries. There are several reasons for this.

The Seahawks are under no obligation to explain to anyone that a player is not in the OTA, but what teams need to know that worries start when certain players like Woolen are not in camp. should be noted. This is especially true. Seattle reportedly re-signed cornerback Artie Barnes on Monday, leaving many with the question, “Why?” But now I know why.

Tariq Uren According to ESPN’s Adam Schefterhad arthroscopic knee surgery on Tuesday and will be sidelined until training camp begins in July. The surgery itself may simply clean up old problems. But it’s a little worrying that Woolen is out until July. Woolen is clearly a big key to Seattle’s potential defensive success next year, so (and again obviously) he needs to stay fit.

However, this has a positive side as well. Arthroscopic surgery is a very common, minimally invasive procedure that requires a small incision. Players may undergo these surgeries during the season and return weeks later. Basically, it’s better for Woolen to have this surgery now than during the season.

Also, whatever the injury is, it’s better than an ACL or MCL tear, or an Achilles tendon injury. Things like this keep Woolen out of the house for weeks or months.Woolen seems to have injured his knee when you go out to practice 1 week ago.

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Anything can happen and the injury will keep Uhren out longer than usual, but he is expected to be back in shape by training camp. If so, he’ll have plenty of time to build credibility with rookie Devon Witherspoon, who is expected to start alongside Woolen in 2023, and plenty of time beyond that. Besides, it’s May, so why should we consider the worst-case scenario of Woolen missing at the beginning of the regular season?

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