NH Attorney General Meets with Veterans Group Seeking to Destroy Neo-Nazis

The New Hampshire Attorney General’s office recently met with veterans’ groups calling on law enforcement to take a tougher stance against the neo-Nazi group NSC-131, which operates throughout New England.

The meeting came after the non-profit veterans group Task Force Butler released a report outlining concerns about white supremacist groups. The New Hampshire Attorney General is currently pursuing legal action against members of NSC-131 for alleged violations of state civil rights law.

In the report, Task Force Butler detailed instances in which NSC-131 targeted the LGBTQ+ community and other marginalized groups.

Task Force Butler CEO Christopher Goldsmith said the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office was one of the few law enforcement agencies to take significant action against NSC-131. . Goldsmith said his organization hopes law enforcement will take the group more seriously and bring criminal charges if necessary.

“The purpose of our work is to provide all the evidence necessary to file a lawsuit,” Goldsmith said.

New Hampshire Department of Justice spokesman Michael Garrity confirmed a meeting between Justice Department members and Task Force Butler. He said state officials are encouraging veterans’ groups and others to report hate crimes to the office.

Garrity said they also discussed resources and tools that businesses and individuals could use if they were targeted by hate groups, such as no-trespass orders and stalking petitions.

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