Neymar shows progress on right ankle after injury and surgery

Neymar The Brazilian continues to recover from his right ankle following an injury that forced him to undergo surgery in Qatar earlier this month. Paris Saint-Germain doctor.

The Brazilian star shared the video on his social networks. bob marleyShows the development of the right ankle during rehabilitation with the famous song “Three Little Birds” in the background.

In the video you can see it Neymar I have a small bandage wrapped around the injured area, probably a physiotherapist’s hand helping me make small movements back and forth.

Neymar underwent surgery in Qatar

Neymar He underwent surgery in Qatar on 10 March for a torn ligament in his right ankle, which his club said was “very successful”. PSG.

The surgery was performed at the ASPETR clinic in Doha and was performed by three doctors. Rodrigo Lasmer of the Brazilian national team PSG said in a statement.

neymar trial

Neymar During his tenure, he went out for approximately 731 days. PSG, that is, a full two years, considering the time he has been sidelined due to this recent injury. The Brazilian player joined the Parisian squad in his 2017/18 season, making him the tenth player to miss his alternate season in which he played. PSG.

From a competitiveness perspective, Neymar Missed a total of 104 games in one year PSG shirt. The Brazilian has appeared in his 173 games in all competitions, meaning the Brazilian captain has been injured in about 37.5% of the games he has played for the Parisian club.

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