News: NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative in Kiev: Ukrainian Women Influence the World, May 4, 2023

NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security Irene Ferrin will visit Kiev on Thursday (4 May 2023) to speak at the Ukrainian Women’s Conference (UWC) and meet with Ukrainian officials. did In her speech at UWC, Ms Ferin paid tribute to Ukrainian women, she said:

One of the key lessons learned from the Russian war is that women should always participate in society, whether in war or in peacetime. Ms Ferrin added that the use of sexual violence in war underscores the importance of integrating a gender perspective into conflict management, resolution, peacebuilding, reconstruction, and defense capacity development.

Ms Ferrin said that since the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1325 almost 23 years ago, new priorities such as counter-terrorism, climate change, cybersecurity and resilience have pushed the women, peace and security agenda. added that was greatly expanded. Today, Special Representative Ferrin stressed that our main task is to “protect and capitalize on the results of our hard work.” She stressed the importance of “women’s equal participation in decision-making during the war and after Ukraine’s victory,” and said that the initiative funded by the NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package was “gender-responsive and empowering women.” I have confirmed that we are working to ensure that “needs are met”.

During his stay in Ukraine, Mr. Ferin met with First Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Japarova. Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Mariah. and Katerina Levchenko, Government Commissioner for Gender Equality Policy and Vice-President of the General Equality Commission of the Council of Europe, and Women in Civil Society Organizations.

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