News: NATO Secretary General, Copenhagen Democracy Summit, May 15, 2023

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attends the Copenhagen Democracy Summit on Monday (May 15) de facto with former NATO Secretary General Anders Vog Rasmussen, founder and chairman of the Democratic Alliance Foundation. had a meeting. The two leaders discussed preparations for the NATO summit in July, including NATO support for Ukraine, increased defense spending, and engagement with partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

Stoltenberg said he was confident NATO leaders would send a clear message of support to Ukraine in Vilnius. “We hope to agree on a multi-year plan to work on how to help Ukraine transition from Soviet-era standards, doctrines and equipment to NATO standards, doctrines and equipment and become fully interoperable with NATO,” he said. I am doing,” he said. He added that he did not know how Russia’s war of aggression would end, but “what we do know is that when the war is over, it is very important to be able to prevent history from repeating itself.” .

He also said he hoped the Vilnius summit would take an ambitious decision on defense investment with a floor of 2% of gross domestic product rather than a ceiling. He said he invited the leaders of NATO partners in the Indo-Pacific region, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea, to the summit because the challenges we face are global.

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