News: NATO Deputy Secretary General stresses importance of rapid and responsible adoption of new technologies, 22 March 2023

Today’s new technologies are being developed at a dizzying pace, and we all have a role in developing and deploying them responsibly and ethically. This was the message given by Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Zioana during the release of the NATO Science and Technology Organization’s 2023-2043 trend report in Brussels on Wednesday (22 March 2023).

Gioana emphasized that new technologies will not only change the way we live and work. Referring to Russia’s war in Ukraine, he also emphasized that new technologies are changing the way wars are fought and won. He emphasized NATO’s ongoing efforts to maintain and sharpen its technological superiority through the development and adoption of new technologies, while preserving the added energy and propulsion, as well as electronics and electromagnetism. Additionally, he praised his NATO unique network of more than 5,000 scientists and engineers, saying, “This report would not have been possible without your expertise and insight.” emphasized.

The NATO Science and Technology Organization’s 2023-2043 Trends Report updates and expands the previously published Science & Technology Trends: 2020-2040, highlighting the considerable geopolitical, technological and scientific developments that have occurred over the past few years. It reflects.

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